Sunrise Conveyors & Engineers is a prominent importer, supplier of PVC conveyor belts (Poly Vinyl Chloride) in thickness ranging from 1 mm till 6mm. PVC Conveyor belts are available in 1 ply to 4 plies with reinforcements. Reinforcements can be of Polyester Micro-Filament Fabrics, or other forms of nylon / cotton fabrics. We are importers and suppliers for food grade conveyor belts, general indoor use conveyor belts, and conveyor belts used for stone polishing. PVC belts are used in a variety of applications including carton conveyors, warehousing conveyors, elevator conveyors, food products handling, packing lines, and as an output conveyor to many industrial machines.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our commitment and our company culture is evolved around this mission. We have developed an extensive quality management system which ensures best quality of our inbound and outbound stocks.