Sidewall or cleated conveyor belts have application where open materials like confectionary products, fruits or vegetables, bakery products, herbs or spices, tea leaves, small packets etc,, are to be elevated to a generally steeper degree where normal belts normally fail to do so. As shown in the photograph, these belts are designed in such a way that small pockets on the belt are made so as to carry the material. Belts with only sidewall or only with cleats can also be done. Purely done on custom basis; these belts prove to be a high time, labour and cost saver; and in preferred by industries worldwide for the purpose. The primary benefit of using our belts is that the sidewalls and cleats are fused / vulcanised to the belts ensuring highest quality standards, and long life of these.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our commitment and our company culture is evolved around this mission. We have developed an extensive quality management system which ensures best quality of our inbound and outbound stocks.